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Basic Technique

This course consists of 3 sessions. 1 hour lesson followed by 2 Workout Walk to consolidate your skills with the main group.

The session is usually scheduled to run on the first Saturday of the month at 9:30am but we can be flexible on other days so do contact us for details. Poles will be supplied and can be used for as long as you need before buying your own poles.

It it essential to contact us to book a place for any of these sessions

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Workout Walk

A chance to get going in the great outdoors and enjoy practicing what you have learnt at a pace to suit you. These walks are be led by either Frances or Dave or together depending on size of group.

It is necessary to have completed the Basic Technique Course before being able to join a regular workout walk.

These walks are currently Tuesday morning, Wednesday lunchtime, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

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Intermediate Technique

This 1 hour lesson is structured to enable those of you with a good basic technique to move onto the fitness level. On completion you can attend the Fitness Walks and also learn how to get more intensity from your regular Workout Walks.

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HIT Walks

Fitness training, stamina building and technique improvement to include hillwork, interval sessions and occasional timed stages. It is necessary to have a good technique before joining these walks and that you are feeling 100%

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Social Walks

Longer walks scheduled to take place once a month at varying locations and will include a stop for refreshments at pub/cafe or picnic.

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